Flatlanders Studio

Flatlanders Studio was renovated into existence on the 3rd floor of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard in 2011. It was repurposed as a gallery but has maintained much of the original architecture from when it was a warehouse and storage for wheat. Located on the edge of the Exchange District on the corner of Main and Sutherland, Flatlanders Studio acts as an entryway into the eclectic and diverse North End. With hardwood floors, some brick walls and an open concept industrial ceiling, Flatlanders Studio feels like a modern loft made out of sturdy materials from the past. In the summer of 2016, new track lights were installed around the entire perimeter of the gallery – a total of 34 LED bulbs to be exact – giving a warm atmosphere to the space and any artwork on the walls.

Besides its industrial design, Flatlanders Studio is a multi-use creative space used for art exhibitions, creation and performance of many different art forms. Open to all artist and creative types, from emerging to professional artists alike. Curators, publishers and magazines who need a venue to host their show or book or magazine launch are also welcome and invited to use the studio/gallery space. Flatlanders Studio hopes to help broaden and enrich Winnipeg’s already thriving art culture in the Exchange District while being a beacon of creativity for the North End.

Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church

Without the  financial contributions and supportive community of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church, Flatlanders Studio would not exist. With a generous donation in 2011, Flatlanders Studio was able to finish construction and launch on the 3rd floor of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard. Quite literally our foundation, WCV has built us up from the ground floor upwards to our lofty view of the North End. The WCV is a vibrant source of artists, business minds and creative people who continually give in many ways. Many have contributed their time and skills in making the gallery what it is today. With each show and opening, people have given their assistance with setting up, cooking and photography. Others have contributed  by making needed curtains and handcrafted shelving. With another grateful donation from someone from WCV in 2015, Flatlanders Studio was able to purchase and install new track lighting around the entire perimeter of the gallery. The Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church are our Muskox surrounding us, serving and helping us grow when they don’t have too. They have surround us and serve as our inspiration.

Flatlanders Inn

Flatlanders Studio got their name from their “sister” inn on the same floor, Flatlanders Inn, which has many of the same traits the studio also wants to emulate. Flatlanders Inn is a diverse and intentional community that seeks to cultivate a positive, nurturing, and relational place to live for people who want to get their feet back under them. Part of Winnipeg Centre Vineyard church, it opened in 2007 with the mandate of providing transitional housing for people at risk of homelessness, and has been home to over 100 people from many different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and faiths. However, Flatlanders Inn is much more than housing, as we care about not only the physical needs of the people who live here, but also their social, economic, relational, emotional, and spiritual needs, and support people as they work towards their goals, whether that be returning to work, finishing school, reuniting with children in care, or finding longer-term housing. Some of the people in Flatlanders Inn are leaders who live here long-term, some are interns, and some are transitional members, but everyone in Flatlanders Inn contributes to the community, and everyone here benefits from the care and support from one another. You can find out more about Flatlanders Inn at flatlandersinn.org.

Building History

The building itself used to be a warehouse that stored wheat. Much of the original warehouse open ceiling architecture was maintained when it was repurposed as a church, an inn and a gallery. The original grain scale is still intact and can be seen on the main floor. More dates and info to come – its hard to track down this stuff.