Flatlanders Studio is fully booked for 2017

Please check-in again in January, 2018 for a new application package for the 2018 calendar year.


2017 Gallery Exhibitions Rates | $400

The standard base rate for a one month gallery exhibit in 2017  is $400 for non-members, and $300 for WCV members.  Longer or shorter exhibits, or exhibits with more set up and technical and spacial requirements, will be priced according to the scope and duration of the exhibit. Email curator Blair for more details and information at gallery[at]flatlandersstudio.com

Included Services for Gallery Exhibitions

  1. Vinyl Decal for title of show.
  2. Designs for print material and online advertising (if wanted).
  3. Online advertising presence.
  4. Patching and painting walls before show (as needed).
  5. Help with hanging and curating artwork (as needed).
  6. Labels for artwork.
  7. Tables, tea & coffee for opening.
  8. Gallery takes 30% commission on artwork sales.
  9. Keep gallery open Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Not Included

  1. Printing costs for ad material.
  2. Food and additional drinks for opening reception (non-alcoholic).
  3. Shipping of artwork. We can receive artwork but have no budget at this time for any kind of shipping.

Artwork Sales

The gallery also takes a 30% commission off of artwork sold during the duration of the gallery exhibit, and the remaining 70% goes to the artist.

2017 Events Rental Rates |$50 hr 

Book the studio for any number of events, such as: book launch, poetry slam, meeting, book reading, fundraiser, craft sale, workshops, magazine launch, etc.

2017 Event rentals begin at $50/hour for non members, and $40/ hour for WCV members.

Contact the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard office (204) 589-2900 or email admin[at]vnieyard.ca for more details on event rentals.