Flatlanders Studio Presents:
Jus’ Toyin’ Around Curated by Douglas Lewis

Opening Reception:
Friday 07 July | 7:00PM – 10PM

07 July – 29 July, 2017

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday’s | 7pm – 4pm & Saturday’s | 1PM – 4PM

FLATLANDERS STUDIO is proud to present Jus’ Toyin’ Around, curated by Douglas Lewis.

Participating Artists Include:

Bill Burns (CAN), Bonnie Marin (CAN, IRL), Bruce Sapach (CAN), Chak Man Lei (CN, CAN), Jeff Morabito (USA), Jean Klimack (CN, CAN), Kevin Friedrich (CAN), Linda Lencovic (UK), Petra Varl (CR), Richard Dyck (CAN), Xiao Qiao (CN), Rodrigo Escbar (COL, CN), Anthony Raggucci (USA, CN), Trevor Guthrie (CZ)

We live in an epoch of global tom-fooleries that have given birth to the fake of the new. Apologies are no longer required as in many countries, unadulterated piracy has becoming the norm: brexits, prophets and groin-grabbing’s have warped the looking glass. Spoken and unspoken rules of fair-play have unfolded, the well of the “immoral imagination” has overflowed.

This exhibition aims to locate the condition of the “inner-child” that we purport to have and hide. There is no where that models of right-and-wrong are not influx, and I think it can be safely said that “through the eyes of a child” no longer stands as a quote for innocence quite the same way it used to. It is getting harder to protect children from the world –  they are now products directly in-and-of it. Fair-play is now make-believe.

Jus’ Toyin’ Around is an exhibition that longs for “child’s-play”. It searches for it. Charles Baudelaire exclaimed, “ A child sees everything through a state of newness” and if that is the case, this exhibition is not looking for newness, but is very nostalgic for it.

The selected artworks pose a conundrum. There is a nostalgia in many of their works, but there is a wryness and dryness to their work: what is at play has little to do with play.

The gallery is on the 3rd floor of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard building at 782 Main St. Go around to the back, through the parking lot and the entrance to the gallery is by the fence. Use the elevator in the foyer.

Admission Free

Parking in parking lot behind building.