Flatlanders Studio Presents:
Selcouth: A Look Into the Upbringing of Metal Musicians by Amy Lee Zinn

Opening Reception:
Saturday 09 September | 7PM – 10PM

Nuit Blanche Venue:
Saturday 30 September | 7:00PM – 10PM

09 September 2017 – 22 October 2017

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday’s | 7pm – 4pm & Saturday’s | 1PM – 4PM

FLATLANDERS STUDIO is proud to present Selcouth: A Look Into the Upbringing of Winnipeg’s Metal Musicians by Amy Lee Zinn.

Selcouth traces 20 individuals who are active members of the metal community at large in Winnipeg, representing many different subgenres, roles, personalities and backgrounds, while still remaining just a small snapshot of the much larger metal family in our city. More than just contradicting stereotypes, Selcouth looks to explore the individual people who make up and help create the metal scene to which they belong, and discover who they are as a person, their journey into the scene, and what surprisingly common threads tie each person together in a “scary” subculture that relies on community, cooperation and support to keep itself together.

Selcouth goes beyond the specifics of its subjects, and touches on the broader themes of humanization, the lineage of culture, the creation of community and the pathways and origins that usher artistic minds into a creative bond to a common interest.

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All profits will be donated to The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts who believe that music is for everyone. In 2005, the MCMA launched its Music Equals Program to make music accessible to those facing economic and social barriers. It has provided music instruction where it otherwise would not exist and has given musical opportunity to those who would otherwise not have the chance.

Nuit Blanche:

See details for our Culture Days and Nuit Blanche event listing for Sept 30th, 7pm – 10pm.

The gallery is on the 3rd floor of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard building at 782 Main St. Go around to the back, through the parking lot and the entrance to the gallery is by the fence. Use the elevator in the foyer.

Regular Admission $5, Nuit Blanche Free

Parking in parking lot behind building.